When I walked in through my first bead shop at 15 and decided on the spot I was going to start making jewelry and selling it, I never imagined the journey I would be on for the past 22 years. 

I am inspired by many things, my Nona being the biggest inspiration and catalyst of my journey even though I don't think either us knew it. I took a really long break from my craft for many reasons and when I found myself reevaluating my life at the end of 2020, thinking about what I really wanted to do, jewelry and creating was still there for me. So off I went on this new leg of the story. 

An ever present motif of victorian gothic, momento mori, witchy and dark can be seen in my work, a play on current events and happenings in the world. There is no light without shadow, no beginning without an end. 

I'm Lina, and the beasties below are my Why and driving force behind all I do. I'm the blue haired siren :)