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An ever present motif of victorian gothic, momento mori, witchy and dark, a play on current events and happenings in the world.

What are our pieces made from?

All of our jewelry is made with sterling and fine silver, and hand picked gemstones. Our gemstones come from small family owned lapidary artists and support families and their communities.

  • Sterling Silver

    Always stamped so you can be sure of it's authenticity 90% of our jewelry is made with Sterling Silver, used for it's durability and makes up the majority of the pieces we make.

  • Fine Silver

    Fine, or pure, silver is used in the construction of bezels, decorative wire and other small embelishments.

  • Precious and Semi Precious Stones

    We select every stone for it's individuality and character. Chosen from about 5 or 6 small lapidary artists, every stone that we work with tells a story.

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We offer Gift Certificates in values ranging from $25-$200. Gift cards are the perfect gift as they take the guess work out and allow your loved ones to choose the right piece for them. Need a custom amount? Just contact us!

  • Lina in her genius took a stone that was gifted to me, and turned it into the most powerful talisman I have worn to date. Every time I take this piece off I feel vulnerable and naked without it. I can't explain the magic that this piece is. - Mark (Canada)

  • I had this huge piece of carnelian that I wanted to made into a necklace to match my husbands, and Lina made the perfect piece. It's a huge stone so I was afraid it would be too masculine on my small frame, but it turned out feminine and beautiful.- Ana (Canada)

  • I was drawn to Lina's jewelry because not only is it unique but she's managed to make grown up punk rocker jewelry that doens't make me look like I'm 40 and trying to be young still! I wear my earrings almost daily. - Marissa (US)

  • Lina and I had a wonderful collaboration, each working with our mediums to create a gorgeous piece of jewelry. She had a wonderful idea to take the resin eyes I create and make an eye ring and she created stunning piece of jewelry that is "Eye catching "
    Haha I love my unique, one of a kind jewelry. - Ola ( Canada)

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